Vodafone Contacts

Never lose your contacts again

  • Back-up and restore your phone’s address book
  • Sync contacts effortlessly from your phone
  • Easy to download, install and use

To download Vodafone Contacts

Visit your cellphone’s app store

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What is Vodafone Contacts?

  • Vodafone Contacts is a FREE app that backs up your phone’s address book, so you’ll never lose your contacts if you break or lose your cellphone.

Why should I get Vodafone Contacts?

Compatible with any cellphone

It works on any smartphone or feature phone

Easy to use

Easily setup and use the app to sync, manage details, update information, import and export contacts and share your contacts across devices.

Restore quickly and easily

The Vodafone Contacts app will easily restore all your contacts from your last sync. 

How much does Vodafone Contacts cost?

  • Vodafone Contacts is a FREE app
  • Download will be charged according to your existing price plan 
  • This is a once-off download with no monthly subscriptions

How do I get Vodafone Contacts?

To get Vodafone Contacts

On your cellphone


Vodacom App Store